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Turnkey Internet Business – The Truth About Turnkey Business Opportunities


If you've been on the Internet for a while, you would have seen many of those turnkey Internet business opportunities. Most of them sell you on the 'turnkey solution' on offer, and how it is the fastest way to get into business and start reaping profits. The reality is much more different!

Here is the truth about turnkey business opportunities – most of them do not work. Period. If anything, they are only working for the product creator who created the opportunity! This is because the product owners will often add in some kind of branding to give exposure to their brand, and many will add in an affiliate program to get affiliates to promote the business opportunity. So in effect, the 'turnkey business opportunity' is in fact promoting the opportunity itself to others! Sounds ridiculous, right?

Unfortunately, that is the bare truth.

That's not to say that all of these opportunities do not work. There are the few that do work, because they are limited to only a few people.

The reason why so many will not succeed is because these opportunities often have hundreds or even thousands of people on board, all promoting the same product or opportunity. The result is too much competition. Only a few end up profiting, and the product owner is often the one that ends up laughing to the bank.

So now that you know the truth, stay clear of these opportunities, and build a real Internet business. Your own.

Create your own product using resell rights products or hire a ghostwriter, build your own website, do your own marketing.

Eizen Articles by Fabian Tan